A place that has it all

Riem Arcades StadtQuartier lies at the heart of a new district in Munich one that provides an inspirational example across Europe.


Everything that makes an area vibrant and desirable can be found here: living and working opportunities, shopping and leisure, striking architecture and attractive landscape design. It is no surprise, therefore, that Riem Arcades StadtQuartier has received a number of international awards for its ability to reconcile these apparent opposites.


Local residents and employees of companies located in the complex can find everything they need for their day-to-day lives in Riem Arcades, as well as luxury items, right on their doorstep. From a quick bite to high-class business lunches, the Schlemmer Arcades food court offers abundant choice. And speaking of business, there is attractive accommodation for business clients in the Novotel, which is centrally located within the district. There are also a host of sports and leisure facilities in the immediate vicinity, which can be used not only before and after work but also during brief breaks. The neighbouring park, formerly the site of a national garden show, has a bathing lake and numerous other attractions that help make the location a hit with everyone.


As a city within a city, this new neighbourhood has a unique ambience that is a welcome counterpoint to the more traditional feel of Munich itself.